Level up with Constraints

Constraints is a deck of cards to improve the way you tackle web design problems.

If you are involved in creating websites as a designer, coder, producer, content strategist, creative director ... you need Constraints.

We had a successful Kickstarter campaign, and you can now buy a great looking deck of cards that are a daily reminder to yourself to level up.

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Practice your craft

Constraints are at the heart of the web - learning to deal with them, to respond well to them, and to embrace them requires practice.

Each card challenges the way you work, pushing you to find new, often better techniques and ways of thinking about design problems. Sometimes it's very direct, sometimes it's more ambiguous.

To get started just draw a card.

This kind of practice will have a direct impact on how you think, design and build.

People love their Constraints

The Constraints kickstarter campaign raised over 120% of it's goal, with over 650 backers in dozens of countries. There are decks of constraints all over the world.

Since late 2013 decks have been landing on people desks, stickers have been adorning laptops, and logbooks have been collecting insights as designers and developers practice their craft.

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Get your daily reminder to level up

constraints cards solo pack - $25
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Pick a card. Any card.

You can view the whole deck here, play the 3D mashup version, or print the PDF.

Thanks to the joker sponsors for deck one!!!:

Say hello

Constraints is a project to help me explore the ways in which web designers get better at what they do.

I'd love to hear how you get on with Constraints cards.

You can find me on twitter, on my blog, and on email.

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Constraints is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA licence, so you are free to share, remix and adapt Constraints.

Thank you

Constraints started life as a kickstarter project and 663 lovely people liked the idea enough to back the project. See all the charming and talented backers here, you might even see a few folk you know.